Friday, 28 October 2011

asian snacks

I always love going into asian grocers and seeing what interesting/ strange snacks and drinks they have, and I've come to realise americans aren't the only ones who like to "supersize" food. In fact a not too long ago i came across a Giant Caplico
don't let the packaging and look of it fool you though, it's not an ice cream but rather like strawberry wafer/aero chocolate in an ice cream cone with bubbly melt in your mouth chocolate in the centre. Texturally it's one of the most interesting snacks to eat!
I also came across the mother of all Ramunes, on the label it said "giant ramune" LOL the picture does not do it justice this thing was huge!
lol don't mind my awkward looking facial expression..

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Morning glory

Morning glory is by far one of my most favourite asian stores/ gift store chains in adelaide (maybe the whole world? :P)
every time I'm in the city I can't help but go into one of their stores to marvel and fan girl over their cute Totoro,domo, angry birds and other asian stationary and plush toy goodies!
store front always is colourful and inviting!

I think this highlights just how obsessed asians are with angry birds almost every morning glory has 1-2 shelves dedicated to angry birds merch
I believe I died a little inside knowing I didn't have enough money to buy what i saw next...
oh aren't those yoshi slippers glorious?
and these mario mushroom slippers are "asdfghjkl" keyboard spazz worthy!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

pokemon pancakes

i saw these "pokemon pancakes" and i really REALLY want to try and make them.. any suggestions of which pokemon i should try make in "pancake" form?

random painting

so i was asked to paint something for an art competition in china by a close family friend recently. Being the lazy bastard i am i painted it VERY last minute, i'm not even sure what i was thinking when i was painting this O.o or how it turned out so.. weird ahah, i guess you can say it looks er.. unique?
(im OBVIOUSLY the next Picasso ;))
oh yeah and heres a selca of me wearing pointless glasses that dont actually have any kind of "degree" in the lenses (because im hipster n' shizz) lol

top 10 pokemon bento's

top 10 of my favourite pokemon bento's on the net!

the amount of skill and creativity people put into food never ceases to amaze me.. i personally would find it very difficult to nom on any of these, aren't all the pikachu's just too cute to eat?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

cool cans

I've always found the "jones soda" bottles interesting.. especially their world of warcraft bottles they had at one stage. Today at school this morning i came across the coolest V can/ energy drink can i've seen in a while A "call of duty modern warfare:3" can, honestly this is proberbly the BEST marketting idea EVAR


Sunday, 16 October 2011

Yum cha @ Citi zen

so for those of you who don't know (although everyone should know!) what yum cha is it practically means to "have tea" or "drink tea" its where delicious asian dumplings, cakes, tarts, vegetables, meats and everything and anything else nomy is either pushed around on carts to tables or they are offered by waiters/waitresses (usually you'll only have yumcha during morning/early afternoon time).Food is mainly steamed and extremely tasty and comes in small portions since the idea is to have "light meal" with he pleasure of tasting alot of different foods.
So yeah.. i went to yum cha with some family friends, my dad and grandmother yesterday at Citi zhen (located near kinng william st.)
lol here's some pictures for you to drool at :P
The decor in the new Citi zhen was so pretty ^^
forgot what this is called but the filling is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, its wrapped around by a silky prawn rice noodle. Textures great and is a pleasure to eat! was a bit bland though..
Pan fried raddish cake! nice and crisp on the outside and soft and nomy on the inside wheen it came to us it was cold, how ever it was still super nomy!
i dont know why so many people think chicken feet are gross -.- seriously if you haven't tried well seasoned well cooked version of this you're MISSING OUT its the perfect balance of spicyness,saltiness and sweetness

Once you unravel these banana leaves the stickiest nomiest most fragrant and equally flavoursome sticky rice is revealed! It was uber hot though.. i had to blow on it before eating

This is probably one of my favourite dishes served at Yum cha, the pork is so succulent and is overflowing with delicious flavoursome juices once you bite into it, although there's really very little meat wrapped around the bones lol
This is pork wrapped in bean curd skin, the meat is so tender and juicy and is matched with the perfect balance of seasoning and vegetables texture is great too and it feels like it melts in your mouth!
EVERYONE knows what these are! EGG TARTS om nom nom.. the filling was so soft and smooth... but it was slightly too sweet.
Okay so LOL here's a sum up of citi zhen i guess
service: 3/5 (the waitress walked right past us at times even when we clearly wanted to the dish lol)
food:4/5 not the best yumcha i've had :/ but its still REAALLLY good
Dunno what else im meant to rate them on O.o haha now i feel all "food critiquey" X]
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Friday, 14 October 2011

Kangaroo island trip pt.2

so then at around 9:30ish the "highlights tour" bus came to pick us up (i swear i didn't tell the driver to pose or that i was taking a picture he just stood like that when he got out)
LOL okay okay.. one more selca before going to seal bay
so after a 2 hour drive from penneshaw with the driver informing us of all the different tree's and wildlife we finally arrived at the gorgeous seal bay, where we were greeted by a guide and some cute, lazy looking locals ^.^
protect them damn seals!!
the beach is so beautiful! and don't those seals remind you of the 3 musketeers?
because those guys gorge themselves on food for 3 days straight then sleep on a nice sunny beach for three days straight and they don't have to worry about dieting or oversleeping and waking up looking like the beast from beauty and the beast (on a bad hair day). Except the femles are pregnant for 18 months and once the pups are born the fathers give no support! >:( lazy bastards lol

Remarkable rocks
after spending about 30 minutes going "naaaaaw" at the seals and pups (although admittedly after 10 i was bored ^^") we hopped back onto the bus and were off to "remarkable rocks" which was another hour drive.
They truly were remarkable...
(the inside of one)
LOL at my crappy "pokeball" edit.. this rock was awesome though!
Admirals arch
after remarkable rocks and a 30 minute drive down the winding dirt road we ended up at "admirals arch", at first you couldn't see anything but what seemed like a long wooden pathway and stairs leading down from the beach, but as you got further down the path you discovered beautiful parts of the ocean...

then as you reached the bottom of the last flight of wooden steps the most amazing sight was unravelled this left me speechless for a while (or maybe it was the fear of sea water entering my mouth? LOL)

After the amazing experience of admirals arch we took another 2 hour bus drive through Flinders chase national park which was unfortunately slightly bare looking due to a fire 4 years ago, but it was nether the less still beautiful. It was another 2 hour drive back to penneshaw after going through the national park and stopping for some walking on the trails (although we didnt really see anythng). When we got back we had some fish and chips and relaxed for the rest of the night.

So we didn't really get to see ALL of kangaroo island which was a shame. I woke up late today and thought we would be late for our ferry but turns out the ferry was having some technical difficulties and we were delayed by 30 minutes or so... it was okay though we got free coffee! ^^ but yeah.. while i was bored i was just making retarded faces on my iphone and taking pictures.

LOL FAIL at trying to be cross eyed..
but yeah i tried to sum up kangaroo island as fast as i could! i hope you enjoyed this post and i highly recommend you going there during spring or summer! its great! xx