Monday, 14 November 2011

amazing stuff from "lush"

lush is a nifty little store by the entrance to the myer building at rundle mall. They specialize in making amazing/creative soaps and sell other great smelling bath time/ skin and hair products.
the texture of these soaps were kind of like grainy/sandy but OMG they smelt AH-MA-ZING! especially the gingerbread house one that looked and smelt almost good enough to eat!
doesn't that gold soap look glorious? i do wonder if it would leave your skin gold though!
then i came across this!it smells so gooood and it feels like putty looks like jelly but it's shower jelly! it's so entertaining and unique too O.O
the chocolate bar looking thing is henna hair dye and each little section is about half the size of my iphone, which makes the full bar MASSIVE and for medium to long hiar you'd need to use the full bar. The large bucket to the right is an amazing body scrub like gel for your hair and it gives it amazing "bounce" and volume.
these bath bombs were gorgeous! theres even a santa shaped one. Some of them released flower petals too.

so yeah if you get the time and your in rundle mall you should definitely visit this great little shop! you'll never know what interesting products you'll stumble upon

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