Sunday, 20 November 2011

baking pumpkin sponge cake at 10:30

so whenever i'm stressed or upset i turn to baking (i have no idea why O.O) anyways i decided to bake a pumpkin sponge cake at about 10:30 at night
i baked it in a brownie cake tin so it turned out kind of... brownie skinny ish? lol so i guess it was a pumpkin sponge brownie cake :P
so spongey looking..
i cut it in half and filled it with this.. it's butter,sugar,instant pumpkin dessert powder (LOL from when i bought snacks) and some condensed milk
it was actually really yummy!( i know picture quality sucks but it was taken with the trusty iphone)
heres the recipe if you're interested..
4 egg whites
1teaspoon vinegar (i used apple cider)
50gm sugar

4 egg yolks
50gm pumpkin puree
50ml milk
50ml Corn oil
80gm cake flour (or 40gms of self raising with 40gms of plain flour)

Part A
Beat the egg whites until white and foamy then add the vinegar and continue to beat until mixture becomes smoother, less frothy and peaks are almost forming. Add in the sugar and beat until the mixture can form firm peaks (like a meringue or pavlova mixture), set aside

Mix all the ingredients in part B together in a separate bowl and slowly fold in 1/3 of part A then fold in another 1/3 of part A and fold the rest in. Give it one last mix and put the mixture into a lined baking tin. Bake at 150 degrees Celsius for about 40 minutes, after baked leave it cool a bit and you can cut it in half and fill it with butter cream or whatever you like.


  1. I think you are smart to turn to baking when you stressed or upset. Good therapy! When you see your lovely bakes, you have to feel good right? BTW, thanks for your following and hope you will always enjoy yourself in my space. Hugs.

  2. That looks really tasty! And it came out of the pan perfectly too ^_^