Sunday, 4 December 2011

Mutant tomato

So I woke up one morning and went to the kitchen to make some tea... And what do I see? This big arse mutant tomato sitting on the counter! Lolol
It looks so unnatural o.O

Friday, 2 December 2011

New banners

So Christmas is nearing and I'm getting sick of seeing the same banner on this blog. I took two different versions of a Christmassy theme, and now I have no idea which banner I'm going to use or like better...

Thursday, 1 December 2011


So recently I took some photos for an Xmas banner for this blog, this was the test picture for the height of the camera.. I quite like it ^^

Saucy looking burger

While we were out in the city my hubby (we're not really married.. Yet ;) ) got hungry and off to opprto we went! I think they do better burgers than McDonald's, KFC or any other place.. Anyways the burger he got looked super saucy O.O so being the weirdo I am I took pictures LOL

Also the city is so full of fun and entertainment near christmas time! We saw a mechanical snail ( that even had its own water trail!) with a very od looking sprite lady?

And at Marion there was this gorgeous Ferrero rocher hanging Christmas tree! If only the gold balls were actually filled with Ferrero *drools*

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Delayed/unusual posting/ china

Posting might not be as frequent and formatting may be odd (due to blogging on the iPhone), my laptop is wrecked and I am currently waiting on a new one. OH! Also I'll be going to china on the 8th of December and I'll make sure to get lots of good shots!

Gamer breakfast time!

Ah.. What one can do with some inspiration and inner geekiness to plain food. I came across some very tasty looking gamer breakfasts, check them out! I find the angry birds pancake to be particularly skillful!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

baking pumpkin sponge cake at 10:30

so whenever i'm stressed or upset i turn to baking (i have no idea why O.O) anyways i decided to bake a pumpkin sponge cake at about 10:30 at night
i baked it in a brownie cake tin so it turned out kind of... brownie skinny ish? lol so i guess it was a pumpkin sponge brownie cake :P
so spongey looking..
i cut it in half and filled it with this.. it's butter,sugar,instant pumpkin dessert powder (LOL from when i bought snacks) and some condensed milk
it was actually really yummy!( i know picture quality sucks but it was taken with the trusty iphone)
heres the recipe if you're interested..
4 egg whites
1teaspoon vinegar (i used apple cider)
50gm sugar

4 egg yolks
50gm pumpkin puree
50ml milk
50ml Corn oil
80gm cake flour (or 40gms of self raising with 40gms of plain flour)

Part A
Beat the egg whites until white and foamy then add the vinegar and continue to beat until mixture becomes smoother, less frothy and peaks are almost forming. Add in the sugar and beat until the mixture can form firm peaks (like a meringue or pavlova mixture), set aside

Mix all the ingredients in part B together in a separate bowl and slowly fold in 1/3 of part A then fold in another 1/3 of part A and fold the rest in. Give it one last mix and put the mixture into a lined baking tin. Bake at 150 degrees Celsius for about 40 minutes, after baked leave it cool a bit and you can cut it in half and fill it with butter cream or whatever you like.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

selcas in the car

lol it's hard to take pictures in a car O.O with an iphone everything just fails..
this one turned out quite good actually :P (lol shot no.13982049838)
that one.. not so much.
ooh also going to china on the 8th! and contemplating dyeing my hair cotton candy pink? or dark almost black purple?

Monday, 14 November 2011

amazing stuff from "lush"

lush is a nifty little store by the entrance to the myer building at rundle mall. They specialize in making amazing/creative soaps and sell other great smelling bath time/ skin and hair products.
the texture of these soaps were kind of like grainy/sandy but OMG they smelt AH-MA-ZING! especially the gingerbread house one that looked and smelt almost good enough to eat!
doesn't that gold soap look glorious? i do wonder if it would leave your skin gold though!
then i came across this!it smells so gooood and it feels like putty looks like jelly but it's shower jelly! it's so entertaining and unique too O.O
the chocolate bar looking thing is henna hair dye and each little section is about half the size of my iphone, which makes the full bar MASSIVE and for medium to long hiar you'd need to use the full bar. The large bucket to the right is an amazing body scrub like gel for your hair and it gives it amazing "bounce" and volume.
these bath bombs were gorgeous! theres even a santa shaped one. Some of them released flower petals too.

so yeah if you get the time and your in rundle mall you should definitely visit this great little shop! you'll never know what interesting products you'll stumble upon

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

asian snack overload

so i noticed a lack of snacks at home recently when i got the munchies whilst tumblring ( i follow WAY too many food blogs fml -.-"), the result was me going to china town and buying a tonne of snacks :P
lol i'm a pig yes i know... i found it incredibly difficult whilst shopping though, i always do since there's such variety O.O takes me FOREVER to pick stuff
anyways here's a little run down on what i got:
I love drinking hot thick peanut/black sesame/almond desserts in winter, but i've never tried to the pumpkin version and as of recent i've noticed i've had strange cravings for sweet pumpkin food O.o (lol at the lady on the package why is she there.. LOL)

so you probably won't know what this is.. the flavor is a mixture of lychee/durian (i don't know the name of the fruit but that's what it tastes like), anyways it's a kind of dry flakey biscuity thing and it kind of is like refined sand stuck together (sounds bad LOL) but it actual tastes good.
this is simply put AMAZING its like a soft, flakey thin bun filled with sweet red bean paste so nommy.. i recommend you try it if you see any at the Asian grocers

in the past I've tried to make layer cake before and failed epicly, so i guess buying is just better it's pandan and coconut flavor and has the texture of sponge cake.

These have to be the tastiest coated peanuts EVAR, i remember i'd always eat these when i was younger all the time when i was bored on planes. usually peanuts are salted but these are sweet and not too sweet either

i always pick around in those "asian cracker snack" trail mix thingies for these, so i was pretty happy to see they had these separate and they're sooo good crisp,crunchy and sweet and salty

i'm a massive fan of all things banana banana cake,banana muffins, banana and custard, banana candy (lol practically anything sweet that's banana) and i especially love banana chips! ^^

so... i bet you've come to realize now that i'm a fan of sweets and desserts who isnt? :P

Friday, 4 November 2011


This place isn't quite as noticeable as the crepe story and is easy to miss due to it being crammed with other restaurants by the side of a main road. When you enter at first the 50's decor and random pillows/plush toys in the cubicle like spaces may have you feeling as though you've gone back in time (it's a little outdated). Although admittedly the prices were a bit high and the drinks lacked flavour it was still around a 3.5/5

I was disappointed with this white lychee and citrus skin tea, it lacked such taste i felt like i was just drinking hot water -.-"

I'm a HUUGEE fan of green tea ice-cream and it is so unfortunate that you can't buy it in large tubs here in Adelaide >.<, i was super disappointed the green tea ice cream tasted not as good as the ones you can get at the HongKong grocers.. for what i payed the portion was quite small too. The angle the picture's taken at makes it look larger lol Overall i was expecting it to be better.. but then again i didn't really try that many desserts so maybe my next visit will be better. (oh and as i mentioned before it can be easy to miss so here's a map of where it is)

Sugarbowl Dessert Place on Urbanspoon


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

the crepe's story

ive always been a massive fan when it comes to sweet foods and desserts, and combined with cute decor The crepe's story is a favorite place of mine to stop by.

The crepe story is a cute little "hole in the wall" style shop at the end of rundle street near chatime, it's hard to miss it with the cute logo and pink wallpaper.
There's such a great variety of sweet and savory crepe's, and every time i go past the crepe story i can't help but drool over the "cheesecake deluxe" and "brownie deluxe", alongside the original crepe you choose there's a ton of extra's you can ad (such as ice cream, cream, nutella, fruits ect.), it's also quite affordable with crepe's ranging from $4.50-$10.00
The Crepe's Story on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

obsession with dresses

lol so i admittedly have a bit of an obssesion with dresses O.O i see one.. i like it.. and i buy it, the i wear it once and dont think about it again >.< which is a real shame. Anyways here's a selca of the last dress i wore other than my school one-.-"

Friday, 28 October 2011

asian snacks

I always love going into asian grocers and seeing what interesting/ strange snacks and drinks they have, and I've come to realise americans aren't the only ones who like to "supersize" food. In fact a not too long ago i came across a Giant Caplico
don't let the packaging and look of it fool you though, it's not an ice cream but rather like strawberry wafer/aero chocolate in an ice cream cone with bubbly melt in your mouth chocolate in the centre. Texturally it's one of the most interesting snacks to eat!
I also came across the mother of all Ramunes, on the label it said "giant ramune" LOL the picture does not do it justice this thing was huge!
lol don't mind my awkward looking facial expression..

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Morning glory

Morning glory is by far one of my most favourite asian stores/ gift store chains in adelaide (maybe the whole world? :P)
every time I'm in the city I can't help but go into one of their stores to marvel and fan girl over their cute Totoro,domo, angry birds and other asian stationary and plush toy goodies!
store front always is colourful and inviting!

I think this highlights just how obsessed asians are with angry birds almost every morning glory has 1-2 shelves dedicated to angry birds merch
I believe I died a little inside knowing I didn't have enough money to buy what i saw next...
oh aren't those yoshi slippers glorious?
and these mario mushroom slippers are "asdfghjkl" keyboard spazz worthy!