Friday, 4 November 2011


This place isn't quite as noticeable as the crepe story and is easy to miss due to it being crammed with other restaurants by the side of a main road. When you enter at first the 50's decor and random pillows/plush toys in the cubicle like spaces may have you feeling as though you've gone back in time (it's a little outdated). Although admittedly the prices were a bit high and the drinks lacked flavour it was still around a 3.5/5

I was disappointed with this white lychee and citrus skin tea, it lacked such taste i felt like i was just drinking hot water -.-"

I'm a HUUGEE fan of green tea ice-cream and it is so unfortunate that you can't buy it in large tubs here in Adelaide >.<, i was super disappointed the green tea ice cream tasted not as good as the ones you can get at the HongKong grocers.. for what i payed the portion was quite small too. The angle the picture's taken at makes it look larger lol Overall i was expecting it to be better.. but then again i didn't really try that many desserts so maybe my next visit will be better. (oh and as i mentioned before it can be easy to miss so here's a map of where it is)

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