Wednesday, 9 November 2011

asian snack overload

so i noticed a lack of snacks at home recently when i got the munchies whilst tumblring ( i follow WAY too many food blogs fml -.-"), the result was me going to china town and buying a tonne of snacks :P
lol i'm a pig yes i know... i found it incredibly difficult whilst shopping though, i always do since there's such variety O.O takes me FOREVER to pick stuff
anyways here's a little run down on what i got:
I love drinking hot thick peanut/black sesame/almond desserts in winter, but i've never tried to the pumpkin version and as of recent i've noticed i've had strange cravings for sweet pumpkin food O.o (lol at the lady on the package why is she there.. LOL)

so you probably won't know what this is.. the flavor is a mixture of lychee/durian (i don't know the name of the fruit but that's what it tastes like), anyways it's a kind of dry flakey biscuity thing and it kind of is like refined sand stuck together (sounds bad LOL) but it actual tastes good.
this is simply put AMAZING its like a soft, flakey thin bun filled with sweet red bean paste so nommy.. i recommend you try it if you see any at the Asian grocers

in the past I've tried to make layer cake before and failed epicly, so i guess buying is just better it's pandan and coconut flavor and has the texture of sponge cake.

These have to be the tastiest coated peanuts EVAR, i remember i'd always eat these when i was younger all the time when i was bored on planes. usually peanuts are salted but these are sweet and not too sweet either

i always pick around in those "asian cracker snack" trail mix thingies for these, so i was pretty happy to see they had these separate and they're sooo good crisp,crunchy and sweet and salty

i'm a massive fan of all things banana banana cake,banana muffins, banana and custard, banana candy (lol practically anything sweet that's banana) and i especially love banana chips! ^^

so... i bet you've come to realize now that i'm a fan of sweets and desserts who isnt? :P


  1. I never knew this existed!!! I need to venture back into civilization. I don't go to the city much anymore.

  2. haha i see, well i love venturing into the city and seeing what new (or old things im craving) products they have, i bought these at the asian grocers located in the market arcade with the bun and yiros shop