Wednesday, 2 November 2011

the crepe's story

ive always been a massive fan when it comes to sweet foods and desserts, and combined with cute decor The crepe's story is a favorite place of mine to stop by.

The crepe story is a cute little "hole in the wall" style shop at the end of rundle street near chatime, it's hard to miss it with the cute logo and pink wallpaper.
There's such a great variety of sweet and savory crepe's, and every time i go past the crepe story i can't help but drool over the "cheesecake deluxe" and "brownie deluxe", alongside the original crepe you choose there's a ton of extra's you can ad (such as ice cream, cream, nutella, fruits ect.), it's also quite affordable with crepe's ranging from $4.50-$10.00
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  1. Love the pictures! definitely want to check this place out!