Friday, 28 October 2011

asian snacks

I always love going into asian grocers and seeing what interesting/ strange snacks and drinks they have, and I've come to realise americans aren't the only ones who like to "supersize" food. In fact a not too long ago i came across a Giant Caplico
don't let the packaging and look of it fool you though, it's not an ice cream but rather like strawberry wafer/aero chocolate in an ice cream cone with bubbly melt in your mouth chocolate in the centre. Texturally it's one of the most interesting snacks to eat!
I also came across the mother of all Ramunes, on the label it said "giant ramune" LOL the picture does not do it justice this thing was huge!
lol don't mind my awkward looking facial expression..

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  1. I love Caplicos!! My friends gave me some on my birthday, but I never knew what they were called until now. Thanks! I'm definitely gonna order some now :3