Friday, 7 October 2011

adelaide central markets

Although often I whine about how boring and small Adelaide is I've come to realization that there are many small treasures in this great city and cute old stores that keep it feeling very hm... whats the word.. towny? Anyways my boyfriend and i were completely lost as to what we should do so we decided to look around the central markets, and we came across one of a few Blackeby's candy stalls in Adelaide city (well.. there goes my diet)

Other than the large brightly coloured swirly lollipops, gumballs, fairy floss and gummies I was being tempted by the ultimate chock block full of carbs and sugar.. ah damn you american candy bars

There was also this very interesting setup of drinks that i'd never seen before O.O i'm curious as to what the green "coola" tastes like (does this remind you of a hospital setup slightly?)

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