Friday, 14 October 2011

Kangaroo island trip

so i went to kangaroo island on wednesday, i went 2 years ago and didn't really have that great a time since i was car sick most of the trip -.-" so i wasn't really expecting anything that great this time but i was honestly surprised by how much i enjoyed it this time!
Day 1..ish? (getting there)
so yeah we went to the bus station in the city and waited about 30 mins (since we were early) for our bus, we were well stocked up on 2 minute noodles and asian snacks lol. The bus was actually almost empty there was probably only like 6 people on board, which was good for me cause' i got to stretch my legs out on the seat next to me :P

it was an exhaustingly long bus trip (2 hours) but 2 hours on a bus is 4 hours!! I was also really confused with whether or not i was allowed to use the toilet on the bus O.o because the toilet light kept flashing from vacant to un-vacant and the bus driver told us not to use it if it was red or flashing... which it was... for the WHOLE trip.
So i ended up falling asleep to some "wub wub wub" LOL

the pretty scenery as we were getting closer to cape jervis (where we'd catch our ferry)

It was nice finally getting off the bus and actually WALKING and moving my legs ah..omg i've never loved walking so much, then we had to get on the ferry and the water was quite rough that day so it was all swaying and made me feel dizzy. The view of the slowly setting sun glistening against the deep dark sea was beautiful though. The guy in the picture put his head up at just the right time haha
when we got to penneshaw and finally arrived at K.I after a 45 minute ferry ride we walked to where we would stay, which was nice and cosy so i decided to crash early

Day 2
get ready to be jelly... i woke up to this beautiful view of the ocean

the wind and sunlight were juuuust right for some dramatic looking selcas lol
anyways more on what i did in the next post!

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