Sunday, 9 October 2011

day out in the city

It had been while since i was last in the city for a full day, so i asked my friend Amy if she wanted to visit all the Asian stores and go to kbox with me ^.^ (what we asians do yoo~). First i wanted to get ice cream from the marijuana er.. mariana market (practically an asian grocery with everything that you wish other asian grocers had that even has its own smoothie stand in it) lol the buildings big and green and from across the road the sign looks like it says "marijuana". Inside there are so many samples for everything, and being the curious person i am i was quite interested in the "sheep's milk yoghurt" so i tried it.. and BLEH its gross

but yeah Amy got a chocolate mochi icecream pack and i got this weird um.. icy pop? bottle? icy bottle? anyways it was a strange pear flavour and eating it was so difficult and i bet i looked like a complete freak (meh.. oh well twas nomy)

Anyone that's been with me out to town will know i have an uncanny admiration for everything in morning glory so that's were we decided we had to go! I saw this big cuddly looking soft pink teddy bear.. that i couldn't afford -.-" (hint for early christmas present *wink *wink)

so yeah then after that we got crepe's (amy had the strawberry cream and i the warm nutella and mango which was a pain to eat due to the nutella melting everywhere>.<), went to kbox and i stalked a guy down hindley street to get a picture of behind his head cause it was the first time i'd ever seen anyone have a footbal pattern cut and coloured into their hair. All summed up in the following photo collage

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