Friday, 14 October 2011

Kangaroo island trip pt.2

so then at around 9:30ish the "highlights tour" bus came to pick us up (i swear i didn't tell the driver to pose or that i was taking a picture he just stood like that when he got out)
LOL okay okay.. one more selca before going to seal bay
so after a 2 hour drive from penneshaw with the driver informing us of all the different tree's and wildlife we finally arrived at the gorgeous seal bay, where we were greeted by a guide and some cute, lazy looking locals ^.^
protect them damn seals!!
the beach is so beautiful! and don't those seals remind you of the 3 musketeers?
because those guys gorge themselves on food for 3 days straight then sleep on a nice sunny beach for three days straight and they don't have to worry about dieting or oversleeping and waking up looking like the beast from beauty and the beast (on a bad hair day). Except the femles are pregnant for 18 months and once the pups are born the fathers give no support! >:( lazy bastards lol

Remarkable rocks
after spending about 30 minutes going "naaaaaw" at the seals and pups (although admittedly after 10 i was bored ^^") we hopped back onto the bus and were off to "remarkable rocks" which was another hour drive.
They truly were remarkable...
(the inside of one)
LOL at my crappy "pokeball" edit.. this rock was awesome though!
Admirals arch
after remarkable rocks and a 30 minute drive down the winding dirt road we ended up at "admirals arch", at first you couldn't see anything but what seemed like a long wooden pathway and stairs leading down from the beach, but as you got further down the path you discovered beautiful parts of the ocean...

then as you reached the bottom of the last flight of wooden steps the most amazing sight was unravelled this left me speechless for a while (or maybe it was the fear of sea water entering my mouth? LOL)

After the amazing experience of admirals arch we took another 2 hour bus drive through Flinders chase national park which was unfortunately slightly bare looking due to a fire 4 years ago, but it was nether the less still beautiful. It was another 2 hour drive back to penneshaw after going through the national park and stopping for some walking on the trails (although we didnt really see anythng). When we got back we had some fish and chips and relaxed for the rest of the night.

So we didn't really get to see ALL of kangaroo island which was a shame. I woke up late today and thought we would be late for our ferry but turns out the ferry was having some technical difficulties and we were delayed by 30 minutes or so... it was okay though we got free coffee! ^^ but yeah.. while i was bored i was just making retarded faces on my iphone and taking pictures.

LOL FAIL at trying to be cross eyed..
but yeah i tried to sum up kangaroo island as fast as i could! i hope you enjoyed this post and i highly recommend you going there during spring or summer! its great! xx

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