Tuesday, 4 October 2011

MOAR~ about me

okay so i can't fit everything into that skinny side bar, bare with me ima try be as least boring as i can be...
The name's Nancy I have a strange fascination and urge to document anything awesome i see O.O (which is why this blog was created). I listen to many different genre's of music however house,dubstep and funk hold a special place in my heart. I'm usually energetic, boisterous and childish  around others even if i'm dead to the world inside, because i believe making other people smile or  feel less depressing is something people don't do too often. I'm a legit anime addict as i have watched over 3,000+ episodes so i guess that makes me a female otaku? (oh gawd no... the shame!). I absolutely ADORE gaming merchandise and gaming in itself i mean after all it relieves stress... i mean instead of wanting to kill someone all the time you could just imagine some monster or boss in a game is them and beat the shiet out of them (BEST kind of therapy in my opinion). Even though my personality can be boyish sometimes and i can come off a bit ghetto if i'm messing around and cracking jokes i'm still a major sucker for shopping and fashion. So yeah that's a small portion of who i am, i guess you'll find out throughout this blog the rest of me! so yeah... peace out x 
oh yeah if you're interested heres a picture of mah face lookin' all cute n shizz (jks jks)

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